Ball Earrings (ET639679552)

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14K Solid Gold Ball Stud Earrings, high polish solid gold 4mm - 9 mm round balls post, K14 solid gold stud sphere ball earrings, is a perfect Christmas gift for her. You can select the size of 4mm balls to 9mm balls.

The pricing is for ONE pair of ball stud earrings and included butterfly backings. They are made of solid 14K yellow gold (not gold filled, not gold plated).

Material: Solid Gold

Karat: 14 K (585)

The balls are hollow.

Approximate weight of pair for related sizes:

4 mm ball : 0,66

5 mm ball : 0,94

6 mm ball : 1,30

7 mm ball : 1,49

8 mm ball : 1,72

9 mm ball : 2,09

This 14K solid gold earring is shipped in the following day after payment received.

You can also buy the ball necklace as complement this ball earring via the following link:

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