Much more than a necklace, it is part of your soul.

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Heart Necklaces: An Expression of Love and Romance
Giving a meaning to stylish designs by adding love and romance to a perfect gift option for special moments.
Diamond Necklaces: Grace and Stylish!
Necklaces, which Goldstore design with passion from the heart and combine our jewelery expertise with the unique shine of diamonds, will share the special moments..
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Goldstore Necklaces to reflect your happiness

Goldstore's signature models are designed using the most precious stones and metals with a passion coming from the heart, and produced with extraordinary care and mastery in every detail for the happiness of its customers with very special pieces ranging from classics to modern designs.

Necklaces, which are used as magic and religious belief accessories like many other jewellery, are the oldest jewelery used by both men and women in history. Over time, the jewelery mostly worn by women began to turn into jewellery. With this transformation, its dimensions have decreased and it has become less bulky and used as an integral part of elegance in daily and special moments.

The first ornaments made of copper and lead processed by humans in mining were found in archaeological excavations. With the development of metalworking, people discovered bronze by mixing copper and tin, and electromeg by mixing silver and gold. Mines used in making jewelery; gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron, bronze and electrum.

In addition to reflecting the fashion of the period in the most beautiful way with its diversity and models, it turns into trend-setting accessories with diamond, pearl or natural stone decorations. With their stylish design and special look, dazzling necklaces are eye-catching pieces that everyone will want to include in their lives. You can purchase a wide range of different jewellery, from classic to modern styles, at Goldstore, which produces models that all stylish women can choose, with stylish designs and meticulous workmanship. Necklaces are the product group that is most subject to jewelry design and can be divided into a wide variety of topics, from names to animal figures. Angel, butterfly, tree of life, mother fatma's hand, eternity and luck are the modern figures and symbols that come to mind first. Among the religious motifs, Allah is written, the expression of humility is vav, the sword of Zulfiqar, and among the national themed symbols, Ataturk and his signature, the crescent, star and the flag have always been the favorites. Dragonflies, elephants, owls, swallows, koalas, fish, dolphins, lions, giraffes, swans, seahorses and many more have become gifts adorning the necks in animal-themed necklaces. Sometimes solitaire, sometimes plain without stones, and sometimes geometric figures such as triangles, quadrants, circles or honeycombs become the subject of your indispensable jewellery.

You will never want to leave Goldstore's diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire models, each of which is designed with carefully selected precious stones and produced meticulously down to the smallest detail.

Amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, coral and turquoise pieces decorated with colorful stones will accompany the chirping of your soul. Zultanite, which changes color like a chameleon and changes its color according to the color of the light source in the environment, adorns the jewelery it is used in an eye-catching way. Evil eye bead and blue stone models have always been a favorite. The sky has inspired our designs, sometimes as a cloud, sometimes as a pole star, and sometimes as a zodiac sign.

Diamonds and diamonds that reflect the light in the most beautiful way give life to the unique Goldstore Necklaces with their dazzling shine. Diamonds, which will carry their meaning and value forever, are adorned with traditional motifs and nourish the spirit of intergenerational bonding.

Pearl, which is the subject of legends with its romantic appearance, is transformed into much more attractive models by being adorned in the light of Goldstore's jewelery expertise. Pearls, which are unique jewellery, become the symbol of elegance and simplicity. Moreover, pearl necklaces, offered in the most beautiful color options such as white, pink, black, green and yellow, are one of the rare jewelry that women will not want to take off from their necks...

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, coral, topaz, peridot, tourmaline, zultanite, rose quartz, smoky quartz or zircon... Necklaces adorned with all these precious stones and semi-precious stones (gemstone) add meaning to our lives as well as elegance. and attracts attention with its energy. The range of colors that express the refreshing effect of naturalness with the precious structure of gold and silver suits every taste and budget. Goldstore attaches special importance to ensuring that the prices of the jewelry are in the customer's favor, especially the price performance. It maintained its claim on 2016 models and prices in 2017 models and prices. Of course, in the design of 2018 models, fashion and trends will always be closely followed and reflected in production. Gold models with natural stones, which attract great attention, are available at Goldstore with the most beautiful design approach, with just a click!

Models with name inscriptions that add meaning to names are stylish designs that you can buy for yourself or the most special person in your life. After choosing the letters or names you want, it is up to Goldstore's expertise to produce them in gold or silver!

Goldstore's signature collection, every detail of which has been developed with extraordinary care and mastery, is the jewelery that will make women's elegant necks even more beautiful. Goldstore Necklaces, which will accompany your every special moment and meaningful day, will always be with you in your search for a gift and will make your loved one happy. Valentine's Day gift, birthday gift, wedding anniversary gift, New Year's gift models; Goldstore, the Golden Hearted Jeweler of the Internet, with the best price, hassle-free returns and exchanges, 5-year warranty and free shipping. Buy Now!


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