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Taking its strength from the happiness of its customers, the earrings designed and produced by Goldstore with a passion coming from the heart will always accompany your happiness.
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Goldstore'un mücevher uzmanlığı ile üretilen altın tragus küpe ve piercingleri hemen sipariş verin, ücretsiz kargo ile teslim edelim.
A Story in Every Sparkle, A Passion in Every Stone
Differentiated by their Goldstore design and combined with excellent quality stones, the earrings took on their most magnificent appearance.

Earrings Designed with Love

Goldstore brings together its expertise of 3 generations in its earring collection with a wide selection of different stone options...

Earrings, designed with Goldstore's passion for jewelery down to the smallest detail, turn into eye-catchingly beautiful pieces and go beyond being accessories.

Earrings were ornaments mostly worn by men in ancient times. They became popular in Ancient Asia 7000 years ago. Earrings have been used with different meanings and purposes in different cultures. Egyptians and Assyrians used earrings as indicators of class and status and wore earrings to show which class they belonged to. It is known that in ancient Rome, earrings were worn only by slaves.

In general, earrings are jewelery that illuminates and completes the face and sheds light on the meaning of smiles and looks. Earrings, which are an essential part of facial expression, have always maintained their place as an indispensable piece of jewelry.

Goldstore gold earrings are mostly produced as 14K earrings and 18K earrings, but also as 8K and 10K gold earrings. Using diamond to amethyst stones, each carefully selected by Goldstore stone experts; Diamond earrings, diamond earrings, pearl earrings, emerald earrings, ruby earrings, sapphire earrings and hundreds more are designed with love and turned into unique jewellery.

Goldstore, which designs and produces jewelery suitable for all ages and all budgets, always pays attention to making the earring prices affordable. goldstore.com.tr, the address for safe online jewelery shopping without visiting a jeweler, delivers the earrings you want very quickly to anywhere in Turkey and even to your loved ones in many parts of the world.

The special feature of studded or screwed earrings is that the non-visible connection and hanging part passes directly through the ear cane and is used by attaching a butterfly or screw to the stud at the back. It is especially preferred in solitaire earring models and is also called stud earring or stud earring. Solitaire diamond earrings constitute Goldstore earrings with diamond stones of all sizes, starting from 0.20 carat diamonds. Zircon stone solitaire earrings are produced with stones of all sizes. The size of zircon stones is expressed by expressing their diameter in mm.

Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular in design and look very similar to a hoop. Hoop earrings are usually shaped like a metal hoop so they can fit through ear holes. They are usually made of metal tubes with a thin wire attachment that penetrates their ears. Both parts of the hoop earrings are nailed to stones, giving life to full-circle earrings. A full circle form is created by placing stones on the outer surface of the semicircle in front and on the inner surface of the circle in the back.

Men's earrings are generally preferred as stud earrings and hoop earrings. Men's earrings with white stones and black stones are the favorites of every age.

The diamonds in the diamond earring models are matched in the most harmonious way in terms of carat, clarity, cut and color and turn into unique and eye-catching earrings. Diamond earrings, which reflect the light in the most beautiful way with their ideal cuts, are made of gold or silver. Pearl earring models, which shine with the peace reflected from the naturalness of the pearl, are accepted as models that are always sought after.

Reaching the peak of elegance with diamonds, which are a reflection of the purity of nature, diamond earring models have a forever lasting and fascinating sparkle. Reflecting exclusivity, diamond earrings point to a perfect sense of taste and design with every detail. The stone earring collection, which is dominated by pendant earring models decorated with sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and topaz stones, is also offered to women.

The pendant earring models, which are the product of Goldstore's elegant ideas, are decorated with various stones and appear with the most elegant appearance. Attention will be on you at an invitation or special day with dangling diamond earrings with unusual models. Special gold ball earrings for those who favor simplicity are among the favorite pieces that will be with you at any time of the day.

Young women occasionally use earrings made of all kinds of materials and metals, from bronze to brass. On the other hand, mature women generally prefer jewelery earrings made of precious metals such as gold or silver.

There are many alternatives at Goldstore for those who want to buy gifts for the most special people in your life or shop for themselves. Goldstore Earrings, which are the best options for Valentine's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and all your gift searches, will whisper your love to her.

Children's earrings that amaze with their cute appearance, one of the ever-fashionable hoop earrings and heart earring models are definitely for you!

Earrings; Best price, hassle-free return and exchange, 5-year warranty, free shipping at Goldstore, the Gold-Hearted Jeweler of the Internet. Get Hien.


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