Solid Gold Enamel Flower Pendant (ET1019459560)

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14K 18K Solid Gold Enamel Flower Pendant, Daffodil Sunflower Enamel Pendant Necklace, 2 Sided Enamel Charm Flower Choker Necklace Gift For Her

You can ask any 2 color for the flower enamel

Material: Solid Gold, real gold (not gold-filled or no gold plated)

Available gold karat: 14K gold (585), 18K gold (750)

Available gold color: Yellow, rose, white

Available enamel color: Navy blue, turquoise blue, green, pink, red, brown, yellow, white, black

Big flower height: 12.20 mm

Big flower width: 11.20 mm

Small flower height: 10 mm

Small flower width: 9.3 mm

The sizes of the earring may differ slightly due to handwork.

You can customize your chain length and thickness.

Chain Length - 14 inches (choker)

Chain Length - 16 inches adjustable 15 inches (choker)

Chain Length - 18 inches adjustable 16 inches

Chain Length - 20 inches adjustable 18 inches

We put an additional adjustment ring on the necklace to use it shorter.

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