Solid Gold Family Birthstone Necklace (ET720518133)

Price : 208.86 USD

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14k Solid Gold Bezel Birthstone Mother's Necklace, 14k Solid Station Birthstone necklace in Yellow White or Rose Gold, CZ Birthstone Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for, birthday, anniversary or Mother's day.

Material: Solid Gold (real gold, not gold plated or gold filled material)

Karat: 14 K (585)

Center Stone Type: Cz (Zirconia)

Approximate stone diameter: 3 mm

Approximate Bezel diameter: 4 mm

Side Stones Type: Cz (Zirconia)

Approximate stone diameter: 2.25 mm

Approximate Bezel diameter: 3 mm

Model Style:

Bezel Birthstone is floating to the chain by the ring

Please write the gold color, birthstones (Cz - Zircon) as below to the personalization field.

Gold Color: (yellow, rose or white)

Position 1 : month-color

Position 2 : month-color

Position 3 : month-color

Position 4 : month-color

Position 5 : month-color

Position 6 : month-color

Position 7 : month-color

Position 8 : month-color

Position 9 : month-color

You can customize your necklace length (included clasp) from 14 inches to 22 inches.

Necklace Length - 14 inches (choker)

Necklace Length - 16 inches adjustable 15 inches (choker)

Necklace Length - 18 inches adjustable 16 inches

Necklace Length - 20 inches adjustable 18 inches

Necklace Length - 22 inches adjustable 20 inches

We put an additional adjustment ring on the necklace to use it shorter.

We produce the necklace type #1, #2 and #3 with "spring ring closure" and type #4 with "lobster clasp closure" as default.

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