Solid Gold Handwriting Band Ring (ET708570975)

Price : 254.43 USD

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14k 18k Solid Gold Handwriting Ring, Engrave Name Coordinate Gold Band Ring, Actual Handwriting Wedding Band, Custom Roman Numeral Gold Band is perfect for a gift for your girlfriend, bridesmaids, best friend, mom, baby and your loved one on any occasions!

We engrave your or your loved handwriting on this ring. You can send us your script to be engraved.

Engraving is done outside the ring as default, unless asked inside.

Longitude, coordinates, names, your special date or any word special for you are engraved.

You may also choose your font from Font 1 to Font 10.

Material: Solid Gold ( Not gold plated or gold fill)

Karat: 14 K (585) or 18 K (750)

Band Width: 3mm

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