Solid Gold Pine Cone Necklace (ET1019396908)

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14K 18K Gold Pine Cone Necklace, Dainty and Tiny Pine Cone Necklace, 3 Color Cute Bridesmaid Gift, Beautiful Nature Necklace

Real gold pine cone necklace is a true reflection of beautiful nature, a very detailed piece comes from the heart of the autumn and unite with high quality 14k & 18k gold. A delicate and cute piece for everyday wearing. In some beliefs, pine cone symbolize divinity and immortality.

Material: Solid Gold, real gold (not gold filled or gold plated material)

Available gold karat: 14 K (585), 18 K (750)

Available gold color: Yellow, rose, and white

Cone size: 12mm x 7mm

Necklace Length - 16 inches adjustable 15 inches (choker)

Necklace Length - 17 inches adjustable 15 inches

Necklace Length - 18 inches adjustable 16 inches

Necklace Length - 20 inches adjustable 18 inches

Necklace Length - 22 inches adjustable 20 inches

We put an additional adjustment ring on the bracelet to use it shorter.

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