Solid Gold Round Emerald Necklace (ET1059130319)

Price : 373.13 USD

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14K Solid Gold Round Cut Genuine Emerald Necklace, Bezel Dainty Pendant Necklace, Round Emerald Natural Stone Necklace is a Gift for Mothers

Emerald, which is known as the "Queen of Stones" among precious stones has various shades of green and green. Since it has a more delicate form compared to other precious stones, it is a product that designers pay attention to while being processed during the jewelery design phase. Emerald stones, which contain traces, veins and lines, can become more valuable in the jewelry they are used in and turn into a meaningful gift.

Material: Solid Gold (not gold plated, not gold filled)

Gold Carat: 14K (585)

Emerald Diameter: 4.00 mm

The average thickness of the pendant: 5.5 mm

*The Chain on the photo is type #2 that it's thickness is 0.84 mm.

You can customize the chain length from 16" to 24". The "cable chain" is used for this necklace.

Chain Length - 16 inches adjustable 15 inches (choker)

Chain Length - 17 inches adjustable 15 inches

Chain Length - 18 inches adjustable 16 inches

Chain Length - 20 inches adjustable 18 inches

Chain Length - 22 inches adjustable 20 inches

Chain Length - 24 inches adjustable 22 inches

We put an additional adjustment ring on the necklace to use it shorter.

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